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August Birthstone - Sardonyx


sardonyx bracelet

When purchasing the August birthstone sardonyx, make sure it is the true product. There are many imitations and it is difficult to distinguish them from the real thing.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Create Your Own Jewelry Gift

Purchase stones to create your own selection of jewelry items to give as gifts. Remember to give a card with the piece to say when and by whom it was made. Personal gifts are often well received.

Pretty August Birthstone Sardonyx Jewelry

Sardonyx jewelry ranges in price depending on the the piece and how it is being presented. The stones may be made into cameos which may be higher in price. Available are earrings, pendents, brooches, bracelets and cuff links.


Look out for books with sardonyx in their title. Elizabeth A. Lynn has written a book called 'Sardonyx Net'.

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Bouquet of Flowers

Purchase flowers in whites and red/brown to represent the colors of the sardonyx stone.

Sardonyx Titled CDs

Look for CDs with sardonyx in the title. 'Majestic Serenity' by Sardonyx would be a suitable gift if the person you are buying for likes them.

Sardonyx Information

The sardonyx is the the most valuable stone of the chalcedony family. The name was probably acquired because of the fusion of certain qualities of sard with onyx. The bands are white with either brown or red.

Good examples of sardonyx come from India or Arabia.

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