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Gifts For All Occasions


This article is designed to help by giving you some ideas for gifts for all occasions.

Small pile of presents


Secret Santa, Lucky Dip, Bran Tub - these are all names for a type of gift giving that causes problems for a lot of people. Buying surprise gifts for colleagues and strangers. This is especially hard when you don't have much to spend and you do not know the person that you are buying the gift for.

Gifts For All Occasions

The first and perhaps the easiest option to consider is food and drink. Depending on the amount that you have to spend on the present this might range from a packet of old fashioned candies to an expensive box of liqueurs (age restriction applies), from cheese and biscuits to a food hamper. If it is suitable to give alcohol (age restriction applies) then the gift could be anything from an unusual bottle of beer to an expensive champagne. A good look around local stores, especially at Christmas could yield some bargains, suitable gifts for all occasions. If you do find a bargain then remember that you can treat yourself too.

Woolen Glove gift

If food and drink is off the menu then clothing is another option. Hats, scarfs and gloves are good cheap options. For men there is always the traditional socks, ties and handkerchiefs. You can make it a bit of a joke gift by choosing unusual color combinations or an item themed on a TV show. For example there is usually plenty of stuff showing a certain yellow cartoon family, especially at Christmas.

How about gadgets? These days there are many small electronic gadgets that might be suitable as a gift for the right person. A quick look around a gift store or the Internet will find many examples. Everything from tiny LED picture frames, to noise makers for annoyed motorists, to talking bottle openers. The choice of (almost) useless gadget gifts available on the Internet is amazing.

If not gadgets then how about a useful gift? One of those tiny multi-tools perhaps? Other examples might be: a diary or calendar, a keyring torch, a fountain pen, a leather-bound notebook, or an address book. You can find all types of gifts from the classic to the comic. Some of these gifts may seem a little boring, but a good quality pen and notebook will probably be used. They are still ideal gifts for all occasions. Anyway, this may easily find its way into next years bran tub or lucky dip and save the receiver some thinking. This sort of item also makes a good, small tombola or raffle prize.

If you do know who you are buying a gift for then this could either make the situation easier or harder. You may need to ask some questions about the person to determine a suitable gift. Be careful however, that is how rumors start! A gift card or voucher is a safe bet. Especially for a supplier with a good choice of items such as Amazon or similar. Gift vouchers for music might also be suitable. You can give this with a card having some appropriate witty banter suggesting what they might buy.

Gift of Books

There are also gifts that are just gifts without being necessarily useful. There are many cheap gift books of cartoons, facts, jokes, horoscopes etc. There are also tiny 'kits' such as grow your own chillies, make a kite, relax, fold an origami model etc. Again a stroll through any gift shop (especially when Santa is due to arrive) should help you decide. You may even be able to get this sort of thing cheap in January for next Xmas. This applies to all of these ideas. Get into the habit of noticing bargains and buying cheap and useful gifts throughout the year. Happy gift hunting.

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