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Gifts For Music Lovers


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 The following article will help you with finding unique gifts for music lovers amongst your family and friends.


Gifts for Music Lovers

Music lovers would seem to be the one of the easiest groups of people to choose gifts for. However, choosing a new, unique or unusual gift can be a challenge if getting new CD for them is just too simple.

Concert tickets are always a good idea for music lovers. You will need to find out if their favorite bands are touring at the right time in the right place. You can have a look at their music collection and come up with some alternatives. If their choice of music is from a particular genre then you could look for specialist 'Revival' nights where a selection of bands play. For classical music lovers the task may be slightly easier as you will probably be looking for a style of music rather then a particular orchestra.


If the music lovers taste is linked to a particular place then a visit to that place is an option. For example a visit to Liverpool, home of The Beatles or to Gracelands could be an option. Some places organize tours of the places frequented by the band. Sometimes just going to a concert in a famous venue would provide an exciting gift.

The obvious gifts are music CDs and DVDs of concerts. If you do decide on this then you will need to ensure that the person does not already have the item. You can look for rare or overseas versions of the recordings. If you look on Internet auction sites such as Ebay then you may be able to find this sort of thing more easily. If the person collects vinyl records then you could consider searching for the vinyl record release of the CDs they have. Easy gifts for music lovers.

There are all sorts of memorabilia available for music lovers. Examples are posters, T-shirts, baseball caps, postcards, programs scarves, wristbands, headbands, special recordings, signed photographs etc. Again an Internet auction site would be a good place to look. For a particular autograph there are specialist dealers where you can be sure that the signature is authentic.

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You could consider a subscription to one of the many popular music magazines available today. You could pay for membership of the fan club. You could give a gift voucher for a store or for one of the Internet music download sites such as iTunes. Books about music are popular. These days many groups have books published or have biographies of the band members. This is especially true for historic groups such as The Beatles or Rolling Stones. There are books of album covers, books giving all of the hit albums and singles, general histories of music or of a particular type of music. There is a huge choice and browsing a site like Amazon should help.

The gift of a MP3 players or other portable music device may be a good gift if they do not already possess one. These can be very cheap these days so you could add a gift of music from an Internet download site. Of course it is important that the person have access to a computer so that they can manage their library. For those without a computer then a CD player may be a good idea. This selection of gift ideas should make it easier to find that perfect (and unusual) gift for a music lover. Happy hunting!

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