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Hawks Eye Anniversary Gemstone


The hawks eye anniversary gemstone represents the 13th year of marriage. The moonstone and citrine also represent this anniversary.

We hope these suggestions will help you...

Hawk's Eye Cuff Links

Find a pair of hawk's eye cuff links. Purchase a matching tie pin to go with them. Buy a shirt and tie picking out the colors in the stone. Place the cuff links and tie pin on the shirt and tie before wrapping them in white paper.

Hawks Eye Anniversary Gemstone Jewelry

Look for hawk's eye jewelry that is blue-gray in color. Often jewelers only have a limited display of these stones.

Valentine Banner 2012


Take a vacation to the Asbestos Mountains in South Africa. Whilst there purchase some gemstones to remember the vacation.

Facts about Hawk's Eye

The hawk's eye is usually a very dark blue-gray and almost opaque partially silicified fibrous crocidolite asbestos. Its fibrous structure is due to fibers of crocidolite in quartz. The tiger's eye and cat's eye are brighter than the hawk's eye.

The asbestos found in the hawk's Eye and the cat's eye stones pose no danger. In the tiger's eye the asbestos is completely replaced by quartz and iron oxide.

Most hawk's eye is found in the Asbestos Mountains near Griquatown, South Africa.

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