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The jewelry finder article covers each part of the body starting from the head. There are many jewelry items that you can give. Sometimes you do need a new idea though. You can only give so many rings, necklaces etc. This article is intended to give you some other ideas about the types of jewelry that you can give.

jewelry earrings

The obvious choices for jewelry gifts for the head are earrings and tiaras. Less obvious are hair adornments such as hair clips or hair slides. These can be every attractive and are available in all sort of price ranges. As well as earrings there are nose-rings available. There are also all sorts of piercings and body decoration that require some type of minor surgery to be done. This sort of practice has significant health risks and we do not advise this and it is noted here only for completeness. If suitable a 'Torc' (or 'Torque') may be considered. This is a collar, a necklace, or an armband made of a strip of twisted metal. This was first worn by the ancient Gauls, Germans, and Britons.

For the body the obvious choices are necklaces, 'chokers' and pendants. There are so many different types of neck jewelry that you are bound to have a good choice. This choice will range from expensive gem encrusted items to simple strings of beads. There are also religious items. These have particular significance and should be chosen and given with care. There may be especially suitable at a major religious occasion or festival.

peridot ring

For the arms and hands the obvious choices are rings, bracelets and bangles. Rings can obviously be an expensive buy and spending should be planned accordingly. Bracelets and bangles can be as expensive or cheap as required. These range from elegant gemstone jewelry to bright plastic items. As well as finger rings there are thumb-rings. Again Torcs can be considered, especially if a particular look is being sought.

Traditionally there is little choice of jewelry for the legs and feet. You can purchase various toe-rings and ankle bracelets. You could also consider some form of 'Henna' decoration. There are possible health considerations with this type of decoration so please ensure that this will be suitable.

For the body and clothing there are brooches, pendants and the like. For men try tie-pins and cuff-links. For a more traditional gift you could consider a pocket watch. This is especially suitable for persons wearing a particular type of suit regularly. For more informal or joke gifts you can purchase buttons and badges. There are many TV show themed gifts and buttons proclaiming the person's age for example.

If you need to buy a jewelry gift then look around for people wearing something suitable. You can ask where it was purchased (or what it is!) whilst admiring it. This may be a good way to start a conversation. Remember jewelry gifts do not have to be expensive if you can show that you have spent some time and care in choosing the gift.

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We hope this jewelry finder article has given you different ideas for gifts for the special people in your life.

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