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Mothers Day Birthstone Bracelet


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The mothers day birthstone bracelet or pendant is an ideal gift for Mothers Day or even a birthday. The bracelet or pendant will be unique and very special to the person wearing the gift. This is a lovely way of showing the affection and connection with the whole family. The birthstones in it could represent the woman's children or grandchildren depending on the person or people giving the gift. The person receiving it would also have the pleasure of knowing that it had been given with lots of love.

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The mothers day bracelet or pendant, whichever one you decide to purchase, will have the space for birthstones of your choice. You needn't buy anything too expensive and so sometimes the stones will be substituted with artificial ones or stones of the same color with a lesser value to them. For example an emerald colored stone for an emerald and a zircon for a diamond. It will depend on how much you wish to spend as to which type you purchase. Some of the ones with real stones may not be that expensive as they use small stones and have been set in silver.

Gemstone Jewelry at Manufacturer Prices

Other items available to match a mothers day birthstone bracelet are rings, earrings, ankle bracelets, charms and brooches. There are even pendants that have been designed to be given when a baby has been born. All of which can be made up with the birthstones of your choice. If you come from a large family you may decide to purchase several pieces of jewelry and have the birthstones divided between the items. Another nice idea would be to buy a charm bracelet and a birthstone either for a first born or grandchild and then keep adding to it as each child is born. The larger the family the more charms will be added.

Birthstone jewelry needn't be gifts just for mothers and grandmothers. There are numerous ways in which these could be given as gifts to other women. You might like to give your best friend a piece of jewelry with your birthstone and theirs to signify the friendship (a friendship bracelet). A husband or boyfriend could also purchase a piece with his birthstone and that of his wife or girlfriend.

As the birthstones are different for the months of the year and the zodiac signs then you will need to decide which you are going to use for the mothers day birthstone bracelet and stay with that theme. Try not to mix the two as this may become confusing to the person receiving the gift. The emerald represents both May and the zodiac sign Cancer.

The chart below will help you decide which one you are going to use.

Design Your Own Mothers Day Birthstone Bracelet

Zodiac Sign Birthstone Month Birthstone
Aries Bloodstone January Garnet
Taurus Sapphire February Amethyst
Gemini Agate March Aquamarine
Cancer Emerald April Diamond
Leo Onyx May Emerald
Virgo Carnelian June Pearl
Libra Peridot/ Aventurine July Ruby
Scorpio Beryl August Peridot
Sagittarius Topaz September Sapphire
Capricorn Ruby October Opal
Aquarius Garnet November Topaz
Pisces Amethyst December Light Sapphire/Turquoise

Once you have decided on the stones you are going to use then look around for suitable pieces of jewelry. You may decide to have some pieces made or you could go for the jewelry that is ready to purchase. Whichever you decide to do, have fun making up a mothers bracelet of birthstone or similar item of jewelry.

However you decide to choose a mothers day birthstone bracelet, it will still be a unique gift as it represents their loved ones.

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