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November Birthstone Citrine


Citrine gemstone

The November birthstone citrine is not difficult to find gifts for. This pretty quartz stone makes excellent jewelry. The gemstone citrine may also be used to represent the 11th and 13th wedding anniversaries.


We hope the following suggestions will help...

Citrine Watch

Purchase a watch that has a citrine encrusted face or a watch strap that is the color of citrine. This would make a very stylish gift for the person who's birthday it is.

Citrine Jewelry

You will be able to find many jewelry items with a Citrine as the center piece. Pendants, earrings, brooches and bracelets may all be purchased.

November Birthstone Citrine Cuff Links

For the man buy a set consisting of a pair of cuff links and a tie pin. Why not buy the shirt and tie to put them on?

Citrine Tea Light Holders

Very pretty and in various shades of Citrine. The tea light is surrounded by small crystals of Citrine.

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Bouquets of Flowers in Citrine Colors

Purchase a bouquet of flowers in yellows to represent the color of the citrine stone.

Information About Citrine

Citrine is a member of the quartz family and gets its color from the presence of iron. The color of the gemstones range from pale yellow to brown. Because the citrine is not commonly found it is artificially made by heating amethyst or smoky quartz.

Rio Grande do Sul in India is one of the leading producer of mined citrine.

Check that you are not purchasing yellow topaz when looking at citrine jewelry as it is almost impossible to distinguish them apart.

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