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Repeatable Gifts


It is possible to find repeatable gifts. Gifts you can give many times to the same person and they will always be delighted. Below is a list of the sort of gifts we have in mind.

 stamp collection


Collections are an excellent idea for repeatable gifts. You could start a child with a collection of toy cars, pottery animals, stamps or similar low cost items. The advantage of this type of gift is that more valuable version of the collectible can be given for major occasions and you may trigger a life-long hobby. Check with the parents though just to be sure that it is alright with them as they will definitely be increasing the collection. For older children you can buy jewelry such as charm bracelets that can be added to each year or collectible cards that may increase in value. Sports fans are always happy to have souvenirs from sporting events. If the recipient already has a specific collection then consider adding to it if possible. You will need to find out what is required. Even if you do get a duplicate it may be possible for them to swap it with another collector.


Magazine subscriptions are a good bet for repeatable gifts. These can be given each year and provide interest throughout the year. Depending on the type of publication you may even be able to tell yourself that you are making a positive contribution to their life. Browse a store selling magazines or try the internet for ideas. There are many to choose from including National Geographic, Readers Digest and more specialist magazines.


Yearly Repeatable Gifts

There are many items that are published yearly that can be given as repeatable gifts. Consider diaries and address books for example. These can be purchased in all sorts of price ranges. If the person has a paper personal organizer then consider buying the refills. Not very exciting, but extremely practical. Some organizations and charities produce this sort of item. You can buy from one that they support. Calendars are especially good as a low cost gift. Calendars showing particular places or themes are very popular. Many TV shows, films and famous people have their own calendars that may be of interest.

Gift Sets

There are many types of presentation sets or gift baskets containing bath products and similar items. These can be given again and again as they are used up. Please try to ensure that the recipient does actually like the product that you give. This is especially true of after-shaves or perfumes where personal choice is very important and an expensive gift could remain unused. Be careful of buying anti-wrinkle products and the like. They may get the wrong idea!

Food and Drink

Gifts of food and drink are certainly repeatable, especially if there are many varieties of what you are giving. Examples are preserves, liqueurs, types of spirit, sweets and candies. You can give food in the form of a gift basket. This is especially suitable if the basket contains foods that the recipient does not normally eat or has not tried.

Gift Vouchers and Certificates

Gift vouchers and certificates ensure that the recipient will get something that they want. This can be particularly useful in the case of teenagers where they want to make their own choice of gift. Vouchers can be given for online stores such as Amazon or iTunes. They can be purchased for particular shops. Some malls and shopping centers have a scheme where the vouchers can be used in all of the shops there. You could even give a voucher for a flight or to help with a vacation.

Places, Occasions and Events

You could even decide to pay for a regular trip to a particular place. Maybe a city break or holiday voucher would be suitable. Maybe a visit to a musical occasion such as a concert. Maybe you send the person (or persons) to see a show and pay for a meal, accommodation etc. If you decide to do this you need to ensure that you can keep doing this as it will become an important event of the year.

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Things to think about

All of the gifts above can be given safely many times. Most of the types of gift can be chosen with particular persons in mind to make the gift special. For some gifts it will be important to tell the receiver that this gift will be given again next year. Ask them if this is OK. You do not want to waste your money on an unwanted item. You can use these gift types as a safety net for when you have run out of ideas. This will also free up your time to look for those really special unique gifts.

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