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Retirement Gifts


What retirement gifts do you buy people about to leave work? They may be as young as 50 or as old as 70. You need to decide on the type of gift suitable for the person who is retiring. If they have a keen interest in a hobby or sport you could purchase a present relating to it. Or you could encourage them to try something new with the present you give them.


Day Clock

We all know that when we have a couple of weeks off work we forget what the day is so why not buy a day clock? This is a clock divided into seven segments representing the days of the week. They may forget the date but should always get the day right.

Artist Material

Purchase a selection of artist materials so that the person could take up painting or sketching. They may find they are very good at it and give you an original or copy of one of their pictures.

Alcohol Retirement Gifts

Wish them good luck with a bottle of champagne to celebrate their retirement. If it is a magnum they may share it with you and their friends. You may decide to buy the person a bottle of bourbon or a very nice bottle of red or white wine.

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Magazine Subscription

If you know the person well you may be able to buy them a years subscription to their favorite magazine. You may be able to buy a subscription where the person can choose the magazine that they will receive.

bonsai tree


Buy a tree for their garden so that every time they look at it they will remember you and the happy times they had working with you.


Why not club together and purchase the person retiring a special piece of jewelry such a gold watch? An ideal gift for a man or woman. A chain and pendant would make a lovely present for a woman, something she could wear with pleasure.

Garden Furniture

Garden furniture makes an ideal retirement gift. With lots of time to relax and enjoy the outdoors the person retiring would have lots of pleasure from such a present. Whilst enjoying glass of their favorite drink.

Garden Center Voucher

If you are stuck for ideas then a garden voucher would make a lovely present so that the person receiving could go and choose plants, shrubs or trees for their garden.

Book Tokens

Ideal for the person who enjoys reading. Although this does not require a lot of imagination you could make the gift more special by placing it in a book.

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Personalized Glassware

Purchase a present that maybe engraved such as glassware and have the date of retirement etched onto it. Also you may be able to find a piece with a picture depicting the type of work they are leaving.


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